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Offline T&C

Membership terms and conditions

<<National Geographic Apparel Membership Terms and Conditions>>

Since these terms and conditions apply from the time you sign up as a member of the National Geographic Apparel Membership, please be aware of them before signing up for the National Geographic Apparel Membership and using the service.

Article 1 Purpose

 These terms and conditions by clarifying all aspects of National Geographic Apparel membership and service use in connection with products and services of the brand 'NationalGeographic Apparel' operated by The Nature Holdings HK Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") For the purpose of clearly defining the rights, obligations and responsibilities of members of the National Geographic Apparel Membership Service (hereinafter referred to as “Members”).

Article 2 Definition

  Definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

1. "National Geographic Apparel Membership" is the National Geographic Apparel Membership Service, which is a service program with various benefits provided by the company for National Geographic Apparel members.

2. “National Geographic Apparel Membership Service” (hereinafter referred to as“Membership Service”) means that “members” earn points when they purchase products and services from National Geographic Apparel merchants by cash,credit card, or other payment method. This refers to a service that can be given accumulated points at a merchant in accordance with the method specified in Article 3

3. “Membership” refers to membership service through National Geographic Apparel offline store (hereinafter referred to as “Store”) in accordance with the company's membership registration procedure in this Agreement. Anyone who can use.

4. “National Geographic Apparel Points” (hereinafter referred to as “Points”) are points that are legally awarded through the agreed accumulation rate or event for the amount of “member” purchases from stores.

5. “Earn Points” refers to points that are legally accumulated after a member of a National Geographic Apparel Member purchases a product normally at an offline store.

6. “Available Points” refers to points that are excluded from points used and expired among National Geographic Apparel Membership points.

7. National Geographic Apparel Merchant (hereinafter referred to as “Merchant”)refers to a person or company entrusted to provide the Point Service to members by signing a contract or agreement to join the National Geographic Apparel Point Service in accordance with legitimate methods and procedures.

Article 3 Membership subscription

1. Applicants can be registered except;

   a. If there is false, subscription, or mistake in the contents of the application

   b. If there is a fact that the applicant for membership has lost membership in accordance with Article 10 (2) prior to the application for membership (except if the applicant has received approval from the company 60 days after the loss of qualification in accordance with Article 10 (2))  

   c. The 14-year-old who did not obtain the prior consent of the legal representative

2. The membership application period is based on the date when the membership application was registered at the store.

3. This membership service only applies in offline stores.

4. The period of membership service automatically continues when there is a usage record.

5. When a member information change occurs, the member should request for amendments as soon as possible.

Article 4 Membership Usage and Operation

1. If a member wants to use the membership service at astore, he/she must present the personal identification information through the name and mobile phone number.

2. Membership service is available only to the person himself, and cannot be rented, transferred to others. In that case, the company is not responsible for any related matters.

Article 5 Provision and change of service

1. Membership Services provided to members are as follows. Provides points for purchase amountand National Geographic Apparel membership point can be used for purchase when the accumulated points exceed certain criteria. Provides various opportunities to participate in events such as membership benefits, coupons, and free gifts provided by the company and stores
Provides various information such as our products and promotional catalogs.

2. If necessary, the company can provide or add (remove) the contents of the service without prior notice, and the contents will be announced through the National Geographic Apparel Homepage(

3. Services provided to members may be, temporarily,suspended in the following cases. A person who has been found to be an ineligible member A member whose purchase is made in an illegal manner and the actual purchase by the merchant is not verified.


Article 6 Earn Points

1. The rate is applied by applying the different rate in the range of 0% to 3% depending on the distribution type, store, normal consumer product, discount product,discount rate, membership level, etc. However, there may be membership services pursuant to these terms and conditions, and other discount services such as storethat are not eligible for double accumulation or double discount. In this case, the membership service member must select one of the points accumulation or discount service. (Points may be limited for some products sold by merchants.)

2. Points are earned based on the actual payment amount when purchasing the product.

3. Points may be given out through NationalGeographic Apparel promotional events. Points earned under this section may have restrictions on the distribution network, expiration date, brand and product attributes, and can only be used in offline stores.

Article 7 Use of points

1. It is available for all products of National Geographic Apparel.

2. Points can only be used as a payment method when purchasing products at stores.

3. The points accumulated on the day can be used the next day.

4. One point is equivalent to HKD 1 and you can use them when you have more than 30 remaining points.

5. The points are deducted when using points.

6. Points can only be used to purchase products at offline.

7. Points can be checked when visiting any store.

8. The use of points may be limited depending on the company's events or events.

Article 8 Point Correction, Cancellation, Reduction and Extinction

1. If the member accumulates the purchase in a fraudulent manner or accumulates points in a false manner, or if there is any reason for the inaccuracy of the point amount, such as an error in the amount of points,the company may cancel or correct it.

2. Members can file an objection with attached evidence such as purchase receipt, credit card slip, etc. within 30 days of receiving the cancellation or correction notice from the company regarding the above cancellation and correction. (If there is no objection received, the member is considered as agreeing to cancellation or correction measurements by the Company.

3. If a member returns a product through an appropriate procedure after purchasing its product at the store, the accumulated points for the payment amount will be deducted, and the points used at the time of purchase will be refunded.

4. If the purchase is made in an unfair way and the actual purchase is not verified at the store, the accumulated points will be deducted in full.

5. If there is no purchase record for 2 consecutive years while using the membership service, the points will be automatically deleted.(However, if there are changes of the member’s contact information, the company may not be able to notify the customer in advance.)

 6. The company will make every effort to continuously provide point services to members, and if members wish to discontinue this service, please notify the company three months prior to the suspension by specifying the reason for the suspension and the requested end date of service. In this case, membership points that have not been used until the end date will automatically expire.

Article 9 Provision of information and protection of personal information

1. Members must notify the Company of changes in personal information. Members will be responsible for any risk or problem

2. In operating the service, the company can provide various information to members by telephone, service screen, e-mail, SMS, mail, etc.,and provide information such as membership point accumulation and expiry. The content for is provided regardless of whether or not you agree to receive it.

3. The company can provide information such as the member's name, address, and phone number to s and agencies only for the purpose of providing services to membership services. For further information, please follow the privacy policy posted on the National Geographic Apparel website(

Article 10 Withdrawal of membership

1. Members can request membership withdrawal (withdrawal from membership) at any time by visiting the store, by phone, e-mail, and other methods prescribed by the company, and the company shall proceeds to withdraw the membership upon receipt of the request.

2. If the member is judged to be unsuitable due to the following cases, the company may delete the membership information. a.Providing false information when applying for membership b. Interfering with other member point services c. In the case of intentional fraudulent sales in cooperation with stores that interfere with the operation of the point servicesystem d. Other acts that violate these terms

3. In the event of membership withdrawal or disqualification, the remaining points will be immediately forfeited upon withdrawal.

4. When membership withdrawal is completed, the user information records are managed or discarded in accordance with the privacy policy.

Article 11 Membership Service Termination

1. When the company intends to terminate the membershipservice, it must notify the member 30 days before the end of the membershipservice through one or more means, such as writing, internet, electronic communication means, and stores. 2. Points that have not been used until the end of the service will expire.

 Article 12 Obligations

The Company and its members shall not act in violation of these terms and conditions, and any liability arising from the violation of these terms and conditions shall be borne in accordance with these terms and conditions and any damages to the other party should be compensated.

Article 13 Change of Service Terms

1. In the case of changing some or all of the Service or Terms of Use, the Company shall post the store, notice on the Internet homepage (,and use electronic communication means to reach members. Members must notify 7days prior to the effective date by one or more of the notices. If the member does not raise an objection by the effective date, it is deemed that he expresses his intention to approve the changed content.

Article 14 Matters not set forth in the Terms and Conditions

The matters not set forth in the Terms and Conditions and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to relevant laws and trading practices.

Article 15 Dispute Mediation and Courts of Jurisdiction Disputes
Under these Terms shall prevail between the Member and the Company Decisions are made by consultation, and disputes in the event that consultation is not made are subject to the decision of the court in which the company is located.

These terms and conditions shall go into effect on August 1, 2020.